Pippa Marie (the yellow lab in our logo & our Chief Product Tester) was adopted from the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation and they work with a lot of major medical cases. They rescued Miss Pippa Marie at just a day old because she was born with a cleft palate (essentially where the roof of her mouth didn’t form correctly and she had a large gap in it) and she couldn’t eat on her own without the risk of aspiration and had to be tube fed until she could receive reconstructive surgery at 4 months old. We are grateful everyday that her rescue stepped up and saved her life so she could have the opportunity to life the best life possible.  

Our rescues and shelters work tirelessly and a lot of animals would not find their forever homes or receive the life saving medical intervention they need to live a long, happy life with out them. They are always in need of supplies.  

So, every year Pippa gives back by collecting toys, treats, food and more for our local shelters and rescues so that other dogs and cats can have what they need this holiday season.  

We will have Pippa’s collection box out at the store through Christmas. You can bring your donations to the store (plus get a stamp on your BINGO card) and we will make sure to deliver them to our local shelters and rescues.  


Enjoy some itty bitty, milk drunk, baby polar bear pictures of Pippa Marie (and also a shot of her cleft palate before her surgery).