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Three Happy Hounds Pack Members Offer Exceptional Customer Service & Product Knowledge

The staff at Three Happy Hounds is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around.

Meet Our Team



Elaina is originally from Nevada and recently returned to set up Three Happy Hounds after living most of her adult life in Utah.

She loves dirt as much as any dog, although probably enjoys a bath a little more than most dogs! Gardening is definitely her thing - but with tools not paws - and she has a habit of saying hi to dogs before their people - but don't take it personally!

She has been involved with many animal rescue and adoption organizations and is very passionate about fostering dogs.



Abbey Lynn is a Golden Retriever and a registered Therapy Dog - so she'll make you feel right at home and calm the nerves of any dog who isn't fond of having a bath!

She is in charge of Customer Relations so if you see her she'll likely offer her paw to say hi. She might even bring you a toy (or perhaps a sock if she has one!) to welcome you to the store.

And if you're really lucky you will be treated to her happy butt wiggle - Beyonce has nothing on this girl when it comes to butt moves! 

*Abbey Lynn is now playing in Rainbow Bridge but she will forever remain an important part of the Three Happy Hounds family and brand.



Lilly Ann is a Brittany mix and she spent her early years being bounced from home to home so she's got a lot of experience in different environments and knows how to make one comfortable and welcoming.

She often redecorates the house when she's bored so we gave her the full time job as Head of Merchandising in the store. Which means you may find things in a different place each time you visit!

*Lilly Ann is now playing in Rainbow Bridge but she will forever remain an important part of the Three Happy Hounds family and brand.



Miss Pippa Marie was born with a cleft palate and had reconstructive surgery at 4 months old.

This girl knows her toys and food and you can be sure she only picks the best for our store. In fact the UPS and FEDEX guys know her by name we get so many deliveries!

She has an insane obsession with her Huckama so she knows a good quality toy when she finds one.

She is always up for any adventure and you can follow her on Facebook under Peace, Love and Pippa Marie.


We love our customers from Fernley areas around Fernley, Fallon, Silver Springs, Sparks, and more! 

Come visit our dog supply store in Fernley, NV specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for dogs.