Building a Better Bowl    

Just as every dog is unique and special, each dog has different nutrition requirements and needs. This is based on several factors such as breed, size, activity level and many other factors.  Building a healthy, balanced bowl including combinations of proteins, toppers, hydrators and supplements is the best way to help your dog be their best self.    

Below you will find what the essentials of a healthy, balanced bowl, but it’s not meant to be the same thing over and over. As always, rotation is key. The more you rotate ingredients, the better balanced your bowl will be.  Plus, your pet will be receiving all the nutrients they need to thrive.    

The Base    

Your base is the primary ingredient of the bowl. Examples of a base are kibble, wet canned foods, dehydrated (like Sojos or The Honest Kitchen), freeze-dried (like Ziwi Peak), lightly cooked and raw.    

Again, rotation is key. The more you rotate, the more balanced nutrients your pet receives. For example, when it’s time to pick up more food for your pet, you would choose a different protein. So, if you usually feed a chicken-based food, you could choose beef, turkey, or pork…or any protein you think your pup will like – there are lots to choose from!    

The Hydrators    

Our pets  don’t always drink enough water, so adding extra liquid helps digestion, and keeps them hydrated while adding more nutrients.      

Examples of hydrating ingredients:    

Bone Broth, Goats Milk, Edible Elixirs from Primal, The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs    

The Toppers    

Nutrient dense toppers add essential ingredients your dog needs to thrive.     

Examples of toppers:    

Canned food, Tetra Paks (like Stella Stews or The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs), Dehydrated (like Sojos or The Honest Kitchen), Freeze Dried (like Stella & Chewy’s Superfood Meal Mixers), Fruits and Veggies (see chart below) or use Green JuJu to make it easy! Or, you can simply add an egg, raw or cooked!    

The Supplements    

Supplements are added vitamins, herbs and superfoods to prevent or ease symptoms.    

Examples of Supplements:    

Hip & Joint, Digestive, Calming, Immune Support, Dental Support, Allergy Support, etc.    

As you can see, it’s super easy to add extra nutrients to your dogs bowl. Your dog will love the variety and you’ll love knowing that you’re keeping your pup healthy with these easy additions.